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Closure to 24F – Sutureless – Fully Absorbable

PerQseal® is a patch-based fully percutaneous closure system designed specifically for large arteriotomies.

PerQseal comprises a synthetic polymer implant, and an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed delivery system. The implant, designed to seal from the inside, has a flexible, low-profile intravascular patch and a supporting scaffold. The abluminal surface of the patch is textured, to promote adherence of the patch to the vessel wall. A portion of the scaffold extends through the arteriotomy, and includes a locator which helps maintain the implant in position. After deployment, the implant is rapidly endothelialised and fully absorbed.

PerQseal is delivered over-the-wire, at the end of the primary procedure, and positioned at the arteriotomy site, using visual and tactile position indicators. Once hemostasis has been confirmed, the wire is removed and the device is deployed.

PerQseal device deployment
PerQseal device

For distribution only in markets where PerQseal closure devices have been approved. Not for distribution in the USA.